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Unleash Your Coding Skills: Programming Learning with Immediate Gameplay!




Education / Learning

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Teaching material in the programming learning environment Monaca Education: learn programming through SEGA's action puzzle game Puyo Puyo

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Project Overview

This unique and comprehensive programming teaching material offers text-based coding instead of visual programming like D&D and allows students to study JavaScript programming by tracing and customizing sample codes by themselves. It acts as a learning guideline from elementary to high school, with a proven track record of over 250 institutions. With over 116,000 users as of August 2022, SEGA Puyo Puyo Programming was used in workshops and e-sports events for educational purposes, and has made contributions to various organizations and local activities to support promotional efforts. Users can code and engage in gameplay immediately, offering an interactive programming learning experience.


The Client

SEGA Corporation, established in 1960, is one of the most famous game companies in Japan and a prominent player in the global gaming industry. With a history spanning several decades, SEGA has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering unforgettable gaming experiences to millions of players worldwide. Known for iconic franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA continues to captivate gamers with its cutting-edge technology, compelling storytelling, and a diverse range of titles across various platforms. As a leading force in the gaming world, SEGA remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, creating immersive worlds, and shaping the future of interactive entertainment.


The Challenge

We developed a programming teaching material, based on our service Monaca, to transform SEGA’s renowned puzzle game Puyo Puyo into a mobile application. The client sought a method to implement the teaching material as a mobile application, so we proposed a groundbreaking solution. From SEGA's perspective, this approach enabled learners to enter the programming world solely through a browser, without the need for any prior preparation, providing a significant advancement compared to starting with only the code and teaching materials.


The Solution

We utilized our service Monaca Education (our dedicated learning environment platform of HTML and JavaScript), in conjunction with Cordova (a powerful mobile application development framework) to create a mobile application tailored for programming learning. Using Cordova's capabilities, we were able to seamlessly integrate the content and features of our programming teaching material with the functionality and cross-platform compatibility of Cordova, mixed with the engaging gameplay of SEGA's Puyo Puyo. We successfully created an interactive platform that is accessible on various mobile devices, both iOS and Android, and combines gameplay with the educational aspect of programming, providing a unique and immersive experience for learners.

Play the game while coding!

Originally, Puyo Puyo demonstrated excellent compatibility with programming to the extent that some programmers used its code as a reference for studying. Recognizing this, we began developing teaching materials with the intention of introducing programming to students in educational settings through an authentic game experience.

Masaru Igarashi,

General Manager



E-sport challenge with SEGA Puyo Puyo

E-sport campaign

Monaca editor with the game's screen preview

E-sport challenge with SEGA Puyo Puyo

E-sport campaign

Monaca editor with the game's screen preview

E-sport challenge with SEGA Puyo Puyo

E-sport campaign


The Results

With the assistance of our service Monaca, this mobile application of programming learning based on the game Puyo Puyo had a positive impact on the client's business. By offering the teaching material in a mobile application format, the client reached a wider audience and catered to the growing demand for mobile-based educational resources. This innovative solution not only enhances the accessibility and convenience of the programming learning experience but also aligns with the increasing popularity of mobile devices in educational settings. As a result, the client's business saw increased engagement from learners, expanded reach, and growth opportunities within the educational technology sector.

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