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Improving learning outcomes in the Education & Learning sector


Industry expertise

As technology evolves the Education & Learning sector has new opportunities to better engage students and improve learning outcomes. New tech offers ways to communicate information that is both engaging and entertaining – and to reach more learners than ever before.

Asial have worked with more than 1000 Japanese schools and educational institutes, reaching 200,000+ students and teachers. We share our knowledge and enthusiasm for technology to encourage students of all levels to develop programming and IT skills.

Interactive learning tools

More than simply sharing content, educators need a way to see how it is being used and to assess student attainment. Asial has experience in building web-based VOD elearning platforms that deliver interactive content using HTML5 to better engage learners.

Here’s how we helped Open University School build an elearning platform:

Personalized training and IoT

Outside the classroom, Asial has developed one-to-one training apps. Using the power of IoT sensors, it is possible to monitor and assess individual activity for instance. Asial can build the backend systems required to collate and analyze this information, feeding it back to the user along with practical advice on how to exercise safely.

Here’s how we helped Asics build fitness app for day care centers:

Committed to the future

More than simply building innovative technology for educators, the Asial team also shares our knowledge and experience of the IT industry. We carry out and support research activities, create and distribute IT teaching materials, and provide training to students and teachers. We are committed to helping everyone play a part in revolutionizing the future of IT.

We continue to develop software and mobile apps that help students learn programming disciplines. These include:

  • Providing deep insights into programming methods
  • Gaining knowledge of logic and sequence
  • Assistance in identifying and correcting coding errors
  • Building intuitive and friendly UIs
  • Focusing on simplifying content for all skill levels
  • Help students to realize the joys of programming
  • Training in using Monaca and OnsenUI to build powerful mobile apps quickly and easily.

Let us help you

Do you need a new app to improve learning outcomes? Are you looking for new ways to enthuse students about IT? Use our technical knowledge and education & learning sector experience to make it happen.Contact us today