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Joining the Industry 4.0 Revolution with IoT


The tools you need to digitally transform manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is technology-driven, using data and automation to improve production line efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction. Asial can help you achieve these goals by:

Promoting IT use in your manufacturing operations

By combining our extensive experience in software development with the latest IoT technologies, we can prepare your production line and processes for the future. Integrating sensors, beacons, cameras and more, we can give you greater insight and control over your environment.

Digitizing processes

Using new software to digitize paper documentation and manual processes, we can help your business realize new efficiencies – and prevent data loss.

Data collection and analysis

Our systems will help you to understand the movement paths of workers and objects. Product performance analysis will then allow you to better plan and implement systems and processes to increase efficiency.

Abnormality detection

Leverage technology to detect and identify possible defects in products or abnormal machine behavior. These insights allow you to better plan preventative maintenance to reduce production line downtime or product quality issues.

Automated environment safety

Deploy IoT sensors to better manage the working environment, protecting employees against extremes of temperature, gas exposure, hygiene deficiencies and more.

Let us help you

To learn more about the IOT and Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions developed by Asial - and how they will help you reach your goals, please contact us today.