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Unveiling ASICS FOOT ID: Revolutionizing Running Posture Analysis and Performance Enhancement


Asics Corporation


Health / Fitness

project type

Advanced running measurement service with 3D analysis providing detailed evaluation of running postures based on an AR system

tech used

C#, Windows App




Project Overview

ASICS FOOT ID is a running posture measurement service equipped with a proprietary algorithm based on research data from the Asics Institute of Sports Science, implemented in Asics stores both domestically and internationally. Although this product is the 2nd version, Asial has been responsible for development since version 1. The software enables three-dimensional analysis, allowing for a more detailed evaluation of a runner's posture during their stride, using AR markers and an AR system that help capture and analyze 3D positional and postural data in FOOT ID, and provides report outputs. AR markers and the AR system are provided by Photon Corporation.


The Client

Asics Corporation, established in 1949, is a renowned global sporting goods company based in Japan, specializing in providing a wide range of high-quality sports products. With a strong focus on athletic footwear, Asics has emerged as a prominent player in the sporting shoe industry across various sports categories. From running shoes to training footwear, Asics offers innovative designs and cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and support athletes in achieving their goals. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of athletes' needs, Asics continues to be a trusted brand in the sports industry, serving athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.


The Challenge

The client requested the development of a 3D application that analyzes running forms and recommends suitable shoes for runners. The objective of the application was to capture data from AR markers through video recording, which could provide chronological 3D positions and orientations. This AR system serves as the foundation for data acquisition. Asial's goal was to utilize the received AR data and employ smoothing, interpolation, and an algorithm provided by Asics to analyze running postures. The development team aimed to create software that could operate on a Windows tablet, enabling all data input and report output processes to be conducted on the tablet itself. The primary focus was on enhancing usability, visualizing running posture data, and providing recommendations based on measurement results.


The Solution

Utilizing R&D support and expertise in Windows application development, ASICS FOOT ID measurement software offers 3D analysis using advanced AR marker technology to capture and output 3D positions and postures. Designed to be operated on a Windows tablet, the software provides an intuitive user experience, allowing all measurement operations to be performed directly on the tablet. Users can input personal data, record running videos using a connected USB camera, analyze and review the captured video data, and even generate reports by connecting to a wireless LAN printer. The service offers a comprehensive analysis of running postures, including pronation analysis, ground contact angles, and load distribution on the knees and heels. By employing time-series 3D analysis techniques, the software effectively converts the captured input into valuable data. With the convenience of a single tablet, users can effortlessly generate detailed reports for in-depth analysis.

3D analysis with advanced AR marker technology

The software ensures quick and accurate measurements, with an easy-to-use interface and clear feedback for customers. Asial efficiently implemented our algorithms for processing data from the AR marker analysis. They also suggested improvements like better screen design, seamless device integration, and enhanced usability.

Hiroto Mori,

Institute of Sports Science, Asics Corporation



Running form analysis dashboard

Shoe recommendation based on gathered data and analysis

Chronological data output of 3D positions and postures

Running form analysis dashboard

Shoe recommendation based on gathered data and analysis

Chronological data output of 3D positions and postures

Running form analysis dashboard

Shoe recommendation based on gathered data and analysis


The Results

The introduction of ASICS FOOT ID measurement software has had a significant impact on the client's business. Based on advanced AR marker technology and 3D analysis capabilities, the software has revolutionized the way running postures are evaluated. The ability to capture and output 3D positions and postures has provided valuable insights for both professional and amateur runners, and the convenience of operating the software on a tablet has streamlined the measurement process. The comprehensive analysis method of the software has enabled runners to gain a deeper understanding of their running form and make informed decisions about their footwear. The ASICS FOOT ID software has enhanced the client's business by its user-friendly, data-driven solution for analyzing running postures and personalized recommendations, ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

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