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Synchronizing Performance: Cutting-Edge Running App Experience


CASIO Computer Co., Ltd


Health / Fitness

project type

App for runners that can measure and analyze running form, utilizing motion sensor technology and sports engineering

tech used

Cordova, Vue2, Node.js




Project Overview

CASIO and Asics have collaborated, utilizing CASIO's sensing technology and motion analysis expertise along with Asics' extensive knowledge in sports engineering. This partnership has resulted in the development of exclusive algorithms, enabling the graphical display of various information within the app, including running form indicators and improvement advice. Many users opt for CASIO's devices to fully utilize the app's functionalities, leading to over 4.5 stars rating on app stores and more than 20,000 downloads. Additionally, we have repurposed the core functionalities to create a new application dedicated to walking fitness (Walkmetrix), ensuring the reuse of valuable features.


The Client

CASIO Corporation, a prominent Japanese electronics company, was established in 1957. Known for its diverse range of products, including their watches (particularly the G-Shock line), calculators, and electronic dictionaries, CASIO has become a global brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability. With over six decades of experience, CASIO continues to thrive and create cutting-edge technological solutions for various industries and consumers worldwide. Additionally, Asics Corporation, a renowned sports equipment and footwear manufacturer, is another notable player in the industry, exemplifying Japanese excellence in athletic performance and technological advancements.


The Challenge

The client's specific request was to develop a mobile application designed for marathon runners. Their vision included the integration of IoT devices of users, such as motion sensors and smartwatches, with the app to accurately measure not only time and distance but also running forms, strides, and heartbeats. The app aims to serve both professional and amateur runners, offering a range of features to enhance their running experience. A key objective was to provide valuable feedback on the user's running form and suggest personalized training plans, empowering runners to optimize their performance and reach their goals.


The Solution

The successful development of the client's mobile application for runners was achieved through a comprehensive approach involving research and development (R&D) and proof of concept (PoC) support, as well as robust digital transformation (DX) assistance and mobile application development expertise. Our team worked diligently to combine motion sensors and smartwatches smoothly with the app. This enabled precise measurements of time, distance and other running parameters, providing a wide array of features to enrich the users' running journeys. Advanced DX techniques and an intuitive user interface ensure valuable feedback delivery on running form and personalized training plans, enhancing the overall running experience.

Track your running activities



Running form & personal coaching

Connect your smart watch and motion sensor with the app

Measure time, distance and other running parameters

Running form & personal coaching

Connect your smart watch and motion sensor with the app

Measure time, distance and other running parameters

Running form & personal coaching

Connect your smart watch and motion sensor with the app


The Results

Our solution of the integration of IoT devices, development of a feature-rich mobile application, and the implementation of personalized training plans had a significant impact on the client's business. By addressing the specific needs of marathon runners, the mobile application resulted in an increased user base and engagement, driving customer loyalty and satisfaction, and became a valuable tool within the running community. As a result, the client witnessed enhanced brand recognition and reputation, positioning themselves as a leader in the field of running applications, meanwhile creating opportunities for future growth and expansion in the competitive market.

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